Hooman Nissani

Hooman Nissani

Early Career

Hooman Nissani is a self-made real estate developer operating throughout Greater Los Angeles.

At the age of 18, Hooman began his career in automotive retail sales. He quickly rose to become the top salesman in the company, which motivated him to pursue sales as a life-long career. After a few years Hooman was running his own automotive dealership.

In 2002, Hooman founded Hooman Automotive Group where he manages various dealerships including multiple new car franchised Dealers and local businesses.

Hooman Nissani

Nissani Brothers Enterprises

Recently, Hooman Enterprises changed its name to Nissani Brothers after Hooman’s brother joined the business. As the President of Niassani Brothers Enterprises, Hooman leads the enterprise group with holdings in real estate development and businesses tying into care dealerships, gas stations, hospitality, and more.

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