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Hooman Nissani has owned and operated his own businesses for over 20 years. In a series of news features, Hooman shares his advice for aspiring entrepreneurs and other professionals looking to get ahead in their career. 

Hooman Nissani

Q&A with Hooman Nissani

I’ve always wanted and knew I would be successful. Even when I started my career in car sales, I never accepted “no” for an answer. I work hard to make every deal back the same way I did back then as I do today. Being in ...​

How to Identify Real Estate Opportunities

As one of the most versatile professional fields tied to both passive and active income, real estate has become a land of limitless opportunities. Investors who understand the market can leverage their knowledge ...

3 Mistakes to Avoid When Starting a Small Local Business

More people than ever before are choosing to exit the corporate jungles or factory floor and launch a small local business. However, about half of these fledgling enterprises will have their wings clipped within the first five years ...​

IdeaMensch Interview

I have always had a passion for the automobiles, and I wanted to build a legacy in that industry. I wanted to incorporate my name into the company title. Obviously, my name is “Hooman”. In Persian it means good nature,​

Top 4 Trends Driving the Future of Automotive Retail

While no space on the business landscape is immune from digital disruption, few sectors are undergoing as much transformational change as the automotive retail space — where conventional best practices and ...

Hooman Nissani Highlights 5 Ways to Grow a Small Business

Launching a small business is challenging, and many aspiring entrepreneurs struggle for years trying to make their business successful without success. Sustainably growing a small business is a challenge that requires a ...

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